LaRon Thomas
ISSA-Certified Personal Trainer

Training Packages

Abs in 60 days


    •    Transform Your Core: Welcome to our 60-day Ab Challenge designed for those seeking stronger, defined abs. This self-guided program guarantees visible results, whether you choose to workout at home or hit the gym.

Program Highlights:

    •    Efficient Workouts: Quick, effective routines that fit into your busy schedule.
    •    Minimal Equipment: Designed for home or gym use, requiring minimal equipment.
    •    Progressive Plan: Gradually intensify your workouts for continuous improvement.
    •    Expert-Backed: Crafted by fitness professionals for optimal results.

What You Get:

    •    Daily Workouts: Varied exercises to target different areas of your core.
    •    Nutritional Tips: Guidance on fueling your body for maximum results.
    •    Progress Tracking: Easily monitor your improvements throughout the challenge.

Guaranteed Results:

    •    We’re confident in our program’s effectiveness. If you follow the plan consistently and don’t see results, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Flexible and Accessible:

    •    No matter where you are, this challenge adapts to your lifestyle. Workout at home, in the gym, or even during travel.

Get Started Today:

    •    Start your Abs in 60 Days challenge now and unlock the potential for a stronger core and better-defined abs. Your journey to a fitter you begins here!



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1on1 sports training

months: $

1on1 sports training

    •    Unleash Your Potential: At Ltfitness training, we’re offering a unique opportunity for personalized training that will take your athletic abilities to new heights.

Package Highlights:

    •    Individualized Coaching: Tailored sessions focusing on your specific sport and addressing key areas for improvement.
    •    Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of your busy life; that’s why we offer flexible training times to fit your schedule.

Exclusive Extras:

    •    Performance Assessments: Regular evaluations to track your progress and fine-tune your training plan.
    •    Nutritional Guidance: Get expert advice to fuel your body for peak performance.
    •    Mental Conditioning: Learn mental strategies to enhance focus, resilience, and confidence on the field.

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1on1 sports level 1 package

3months: $420

Elevate your athletic performance with our Level One 1on1 Sports Training Package! Enjoy two 2-hour sessions per week for a guaranteed three-month period. As you progress, we tailor the workouts to ensure continuous improvement, challenging you at every step. Maximize your potential with personalized training.

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level 1 package

3 months: $300

Unlock Your Fitness Journey with our Level One Training package! Embrace personalized guidance from certified trainer LaRon Thomas, featuring regular check-ins, valuable tips, and accountability. Choose between a customized meal plan or a tailored workout routine. Ideal for gym-goers seeking structure and expert advice on their fitness path!

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Level 2 package

3 months minutes: 400$
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1 hour: 35$
2: $70

Fine-tune Your Fitness with Hourly Sessions! Tailored for those with established routines, our 1-on-1 training allows flexibility. Schedule sessions at your convenience, addressing specific challenges or optimizing your regimen. Easily reschedule for ultimate convenience on your fitness journey!

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