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The aim is to help each individual achieve the best goal that is suited to them, using safe and effective exercise that he/she can feel comfortable with. There are plenty of reasons why you may be considering ON DEMAND classes, personal training or attending one of the classes. Lack of motivation, not currently getting the results you want, injury rehabilitation or just need someone to help plan your journey. Exercise plans can be designed for all people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and injuries!



Lorraine Thomas

"insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

Achievements & Qualifications

L3 Tutor & Assessor.

My intentions are not only to work freelance, but also provide Physiology and Anatomy workshops, for all students that are studying through distance learning courses and are struggling to understand terminology of the human body, or how to lesson plan a exercise program.

Personal Trainer.

 Gym Instructor

Zumba Instructor.

Clubbercise Instructor.

Beatz Instructor

Insanity Instructor.

Yoga Instructor.

Yoga for Children Instructor.

Yoga for Pre and Post Natal Clients

Vibe Cycling Instructor.

 Exercise to Music Instructor.

Sports Massage Therapist.

Health Related Fitness for Children Instructor.

Pre and Post Natal Instructor

I'm not your everyday trainer that's been into fitness for a life time, and I'm not able to sustain a beautiful slim toned body. In fact at my heaviest I was 11 stone (bare in mind I am only 5ft 1inch tall). My tops were a size 18 and my bottoms were a size 14, yet I still thought I looked fantastic and believed the sizes in the shops were labeled wrong.

Before I found my rightful place in the fitness industry, I spent 20 years working in a office. I put my career before family and health.I would work from early morning till late at night, seven days a week.  In this time I would have hardly any time for scheduled food breaks. My passion to climb the hierarchy ladder took its toll on my health.  l became anxious and stressed and I knew it was time to change career.

One evening as I was working from the computer at home, I decided to allow fate to take control. Browsing the job centre website, I placed my finger on the scroll-down key, closed my eyes and decided that when I stopped pressing the key, whichever job the cursor landed on, that was the job for me. October 2009, the cursor stopped on Personal Trainer. This was the start of the best years of my life.

I entered the world of fitness and began my continuous studies of physiology and anatomy. I had a new found love of studying the human body and different fitness programs. I started my fitness journey at the beginning of the ZUMBA craze. As one of the first ZUMBA instructors in my area, I was attracting 150-200 clients per class. My name became known among other instructors and word of my classes spread quickly.  My career had just began and I had no idea how big it was going to grow.




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