Retro Step

What a fun class full of sweets bodies at RETRO Step class tonigh. From the minute the music starts, all eyes are glued to every move I make and omgosh, how nerve ranking that sounds when I think back🙈🙈. Bit those TUNES and the classical basic step moves, where A1 👌👌

I can’t even explain the feeling, just having a step in front of you, makes you feel like it’s GAME ON. Its not just a work out, this is the REAL heart pumping, sweat dripping, FUN moves on a step. And you kind of just want the class to become more intense as the music and tracks start to draw you into the beat. And this was just the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

The moves flowed and the simple routines was repeated in such a way that you kind of knew what was coming next and was able to put SO much more impact and leaps in to the move. It was easy to get carried away and start to feel the muscles in the legs preparing for the CHALLENGE they was heading for and BOOM.... Smack, bang, wollop. Don’t stop as you know if you do, you’ll find it Hard to continue. The peak of the class has climbed, you mind is screaming YES, the music is making you HUNGRY for more... but there’s the little voice in you ear saying ‘whats Just happened‘... then the endurance track starts and you KNOW it’s near the end ALREADY !!!. So you dig deep and you give every last bit of energy.

Silence.... no not silence. The body is ready to stretch. But the cool down song is all the rewarding songbif the night. You get to sing your heart out and express how DAM GOOD you was in that 45min session that felt like it ended too soon.

I think I have just enjoyed every single moment of my own RETRO STEP CLASS.

Oh Boy, bring on 2019. some serious calorie burning and booty lifting is going to happen.

Who lives you baby 😜😘😘