Comfort Eating

Well today started really good, i woke up positive and happy. Decided to do the ironing, and bam.... anxiety kicked in. (Maybe it was the ironing lol). But as you do, I start to question my self why? Why am I allowing such feelings to take over my body and my thoughts? But there’s no reason. Not consiously anyway.

My first initial thought and action was to enter the kitchen and start to play the mind games. What shall I eat to stop this feeling that starts from the pit of my stomac, makes it way past my chest where my heart is pumping, sit‘s in my throat and makes my head bound.

Usually I would grab chocolate. Not sure why, but in my head it cures all my problems. But this time I decided to click on YouTube and try and find some motivational speaker to help me. I came across Jake Daucy, Warner Dyer and Will Smith. Boy are these three motivational.

What do you do when you have moments like this ??